Air Force Recruitment

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I really wanted to be a US airforce pilot. But the problem is, I live here in the Philippines and I honestly don`t know what to do..

Air Force Recruitment

People who live in areas considered to be protectorates of the United States may be eligible to enlist in the U.S. Armed forces, depending on current regulations, ability to speak English, education and other factors. The fastest way to get in touch with an Air Force recruiter is to go to
and fill out the online form. A recruiter will get in touch and let you know exactly what the requirements are. You must be a high school graduate before you are allowed to start basic training, but you can enlist before graduation and complete the required paperwork to get your enlistment started. Becoming an Air Force pilot is a rigorous process, and before you can get started you must first contact a recruiter to learn how to become eligible to be a pilot. There are many options, but all pilots are college graduates-whether from a regular college, the Air Force Academy, or an ROTC program at your local campus.



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