Military Service And Past History

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Hi, I am writing on because my boyfriend and i are thinking of getting married. He is in the airforce academy. I was wanting to know if we do get married does my past bankrupcy affect his ability to become a pilot. Also does my fathers` past history of going a-wol twice affect his ability to adv

Military Service And Past History

The Air Force evaluates each potential recruit for a number of different levels of fitness to serve. What the military does NOT do, in general, is evaluate the people in the recruit's family. A spouse's financial history or the nature of a parent's military service is not taken into account for most of these considerations. Where these factors may play a part, however minor, is when it comes time to get an Air Force security clearance for some types of sensitive jobs. If a recruit applies for a military intelligence job, a career as a linguist, or other similar vocations, an extensive background check may be required. Having past issues is not automatically a bar to getting a security clearance, but it is very important to be honest and forthcoming in all background checks, lie detector tests, and other information-gathering methods the military may require an applicant to participate in.



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