ANG - Air National Guard

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What is the ANG?

ANG - Air National Guard

The ANG, or Air National Guard, is a reserve function of the United States Air Force similar to the Air Force Reserve. The Air National Guard performs a dual mission, both federal and state. In peacetime, the Air National Guard performs state missions under Title 32 of the United States Code, and by direction of the Governors of each individual state. These state missions include training, disaster assistance to local communities, and peacekeeping missions in the United States. During a time of declared war, the Air National Guard performs a federal mission under Title 10 of the United States Code and under direction of the President of the United States. Air National Guard members may be mobilized for contingencies as individual members, as smaller units, or as entire wings, depending upon the needs of the Air Force and the United States.

Air National Guard members enjoy the same benefits as their active-duty counterparts, to include military commissary and base exchange shopping privileges. Guard members are also entitled to the Montgomery GI Bill for educational expenses. In addition to these benefits, many states offer free tuition at state colleges and universities to their Air National Guard members as well as other benefits that vary state to state. Guard members also receive the same job training and skills that their active-duty counterparts receive, and are held to the same standards of conduct and training.

Gone are the days of the "weekend warriors" - many traditional (part-time) Guard members perform more than the typical one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer since the Guard is being called upon to supplement active duty resources more often. It is also possible to work full-time in the Air National Guard, as an AGR (Active Guard and Reserve) employee, or State Technician. Air National Guard service allows an Air Force member to serve their country and still keep up with commitments to family, community and self.



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