AGR - Active Guard and Reserve

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What is an AGR in the Air Force?

AGR - Active Guard and Reserve

AGR, or Active Guard and Reserve employees are full-time military members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. The Guard and Reserve consists of mostly "traditional" members, or those who work one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer (though this is becoming less-common as Guard and Reserve units are being tasked with more missions and members are able to work days during the month). However, each Guard and Reserve unit has a small contingency of AGR employees who maintain the facilities, handle administration, training and personnel issues and other tasks during the months between scheduled Unit Training Assemblies. These AGR employees usually consist of the unit commander(s) and a small support staff. These employees keep the units functioning smoothly and take a large burden off of traditional members who have a short amount of time each month to handle a lot of training requirements and other tasks.



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