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What is AAFES?


AAFES is the abbreviation for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. AAFES runs the Post Exchange (PX) which is a store on Army posts, and the Base Exchange (BX) which is the counterpart on Air Force bases. The BX and PX are similar to Walmart or Target. Newer BXs and PXs are set up like shopping malls with departments that carry shoes, clothing, electronic, household goods, furniture, select automotive parts and high-end designer goods. Each BX and PX also features a military clothing store, alterations shop, barber shop, hair salon, optical shop and food courts. AAFES also contracts with local vendors who set up kiosks of goods and services for sale inside the BX/PX. AAFES also runs an online website with goods and services including military clothing. AAFES services and shopping are only available to military members, authorized dependents, and authorized civilians who work for the Department of Defense.



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