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What is a CMSgt in the United States Air Force?


CMSgt is the abbreviation for the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. CMSgt is the highest enlisted Air Force rank, and earns the pay grade of E-9. Chief Master Sergeants are enlisted leaders and are responsible for overseeing airmen assigned to them. Chief Master Sergeants do perform their AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code, or job), but most of their time is spent handling personnel issues, training and scheduling. CMSgts also serve as mentors to junior commissioned officers - while they can never be in charge of an officer, they can give advice and help the officer learn the ropes. To earn a promotion to CMSgt, an airman must have at least 14 years total time in service, and at least 21 months time in grade as a SMSgt (Senior Master Sergeant).



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