SNCO (Senior NCO)

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What is an SNCO in the United States Air Force?

SNCO (Senior NCO)

SNCO is the abbreviation for Senior Non-commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force. There are nine enlisted ranks, separated into three tiers: the junior enlisted or airmen tier (Airman through Senior Airman), the NCO tier (Staff and Technical Sergeants), and the Senior NCO tier. The Senior NCO tier consists of the top three enlisted ranks - Master Sergeant, Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant. These are senior enlisted members in the ranks of E-7, E-8 and E-9. Senior NCOs must uphold the highest standards. In addition to the regular NCO responsibilities, Senior NCOs must be highly-effective leaders, act as liaisons between officers and lower-ranking airmen and NCOs, handle personnel issues, and help leaders make decisions for the unit and personnel assigned.



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