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What is an SrA in the United States Air Force?


SrA is the United States Air Force abbreviation for the rank of Senior Airman. A senior airman is a junior enlisted person serving in the pay grade of E-4. A senior airman is still learning to be an expert in their career field, and preparing to make the transition from junior enlisted member to non-commissioned officer. The senior airman should be taking on additional responsibilities, showing leadership capabilities and completing the required courses and professional military education needed to promote to staff sergeant (E-5).

The requirements for promotion to senior airman are at least 36 months total time in service and 20 months time in grade as an airman first class, OR 28 months total time in grade as an airman first class, whichever happens first. The distinction is made for those who come into the military at an advanced rank due to college credits, experience or other enlistment incentives.



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