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Why do I have to meet with an Air Force recruiter?

Recruiters - The Doors to the AF

Recruiters are an essential part of the Air Force. They enable the perspective airman to make an educated decision on whether to join the Air Force. Also, the recruiters assist the Air Force in obtaining only the BEST possible recruits. The recruiter is one of the most important jobs in the Air Force.

Whats the key to getting through basic?

Shut up and color

During basic training you will have a lot of time to think, why? Because under no circumstance should you speak unless spoken to. It seems like the simplest thing to do, and it is the best advice i can give you to get out of basic quickly and without problems.

What is the difference between phase 1 and 2

Phase 2

In order to "phase up" as it's called, you muse have a passing gpa in school, and you must pass a physical evaluation. Phase two you must remain in uniform during the duty hours and OFF BASE, yup you can leave, in your Blues. however on base, off duty you can wear your own civillian clothing. You can drink if you are of age, however you still cannot use tobacco products. you can also own and operate a car after duty hours. Your curfew on the weekends, friday and saturday, is now midnight instead of 10.

Can i keep my beard?

Shaving waiver

You will never get to have that goatee again. All through basic guys you must shave daily. You will get in trouble if you don't. The only reason you wouldn't have to is if you had a shaving waiver, you can only get that if you medically cannot shave everyday. Once your out of basic you can grow a mustache if you want, but trust me, you won't want it cause it to will have to be by military standards.

How many phases are there?

Phase 3/4

Phase three, you need the same things to phase up, passing gpa/physical eval. In phase 3, you can leave base in civillian attire, use tobacco, and on the weekends you have no curfew or call to quarters as they put it. Phase 3 lasts until your six month mark. Phase 4, is the final phase, you have no curfew ever, and can leave base during the day, operate a car during the duty hours, and no more Physical conditioning for you!

How long until i get to my permanent duty station?

Length of stay

When you graduate basic training, you become an airman, instead of a trainee. Your next step becomes tech school. You will go to an AETC, air-education-training-command base. Your length of stay will be anywhere from 5 weeks to sometimes a year, depending on your job. Average is between 2 and 6 months. Most of you will go to Sheppard AFB in wichita falls, tx, and Bilouxi in Mississippi. Those are the two most common.

Is it true i´ll be bald through basic?

the hair has to go..

Sorry to all of you guys out there with really great hair, in the military you're allowed 1 1/4 in. but in basic, you have no hair. Girls you're not much better! it cannot touch your collar, and it must be pulled back out of your face, bangs nope can't touch your face, can't go below the eye brows, and you're pony tails can't be more than three inches in bulk. Just another thing you'll live by and be tested on.

How long until i can leave base?

Phase 1

When you arrive at tech school you are started in a phase program. In phase 1, you must remain in uniform at all times, you must refrain from smoking, chewing, and drinking, and you also cannot leave the base. Don't worry though, it only lasts 28 days, so be good!

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