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What kind of test would I take if I joined the Airforce?

Air Force "Entrance Exams"

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB is standard for all recruits who wish to join the Armed Forces. Those who want to become officers must also take an Officer Candidacy test. Many people find they have difficulty on some portions of the ASVAB and must retake it to pass the math portion, mechanical or other sections. Fortunately, there are test prep books for the ASVAB, which accurately cover many of the areas a potential recruit may be tested on.

Hi, I am writing on because my boyfriend and i are thinking of getting married. He is in the airforce academy. I was wanting to know if we do get married does my past bankrupcy affect his ability to become a pilot. Also does my fathers` past history of going a-wol twice affect his ability to adv

Military Service And Past History

The Air Force evaluates each potential recruit for a number of different levels of fitness to serve. What the military does NOT do, in general, is evaluate the people in the recruit's family. A spouse's financial history or the nature of a parent's military service is not taken into account for most of these considerations. Where these factors may play a part, however minor, is when it comes time to get an Air Force security clearance for some types of sensitive jobs. If a recruit applies for a military intelligence job, a career as a linguist, or other similar vocations, an extensive background check may be required. Having past issues is not automatically a bar to getting a security clearance, but it is very important to be honest and forthcoming in all background checks, lie detector tests, and other information-gathering methods the military may require an applicant to participate in.

I really wanted to be a US airforce pilot. But the problem is, I live here in the Philippines and I honestly don`t know what to do..

Air Force Recruitment

People who live in areas considered to be protectorates of the United States may be eligible to enlist in the U.S. Armed forces, depending on current regulations, ability to speak English, education and other factors. The fastest way to get in touch with an Air Force recruiter is to go to
and fill out the online form. A recruiter will get in touch and let you know exactly what the requirements are. You must be a high school graduate before you are allowed to start basic training, but you can enlist before graduation and complete the required paperwork to get your enlistment started. Becoming an Air Force pilot is a rigorous process, and before you can get started you must first contact a recruiter to learn how to become eligible to be a pilot. There are many options, but all pilots are college graduates-whether from a regular college, the Air Force Academy, or an ROTC program at your local campus.

What is the proper terminoligy for TSgt?

TGst Stands For...

TSgt is an abbreviation for the enlisted rank of Technical Sergeant. It is a middle management position where expectations become higher, greater authority is given, and higher standards become the norm. A TSgt is usually being groomed at this point to assume even more responsibility as the next higher grade, Master Sergeant or MSgt. People who make TSgt are usually career-Air Force who have learned a particular trade quite well, or have transitioned into a new kind of career field and are making inroads to learning the required "corporate knowledge". TSgt is one of the more difficult ranks to achieve in some Air Force career fields, but once a person is promoted to this rank, his or her peers are there to help transition into middle management type work.

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