TSgt - Technical Sergeant

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What is a TSgt in the Air Force?

TSgt - Technical Sergeant

TSgt is the abbreviation for the rank of Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force. A Technical Sergeant is an enlisted, Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in the pay grade of E-6. This rank may also be abbreviated as "Tech Sgt." The proper form of address for a Technical Sergeant is "Sergeant," "Tech Sergeant," or "Technical Sergeant."

Technical Sergeants are generally tasked with being first-line supervisors to a small group of airmen and even junior Non-Commissioned Officers in the rank of Staff Sergeant. Technical Sergeants must lead, supervise and train their subordinates and mold them into better airmen and NCOs. Technical Sergeants must also be technical experts in their respective career fields and spend time pursuing training and military and civilian educational opportunities to better themselves and prepare themselves for promotion to the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer ranks. Technical Sergeants must also be willing to take on extra duties at work, as well as be involved in their communities. The rank of Technical Sergeant is a stepping stone on the way from junior NCO to Senior NCO and Technical Sergeants must prove themselves worthy of such a promotion.



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